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6 Simple Hacks to Get Radiant, Glowing Skin in 2021

A significant element— and beacon— of healthy skin is a natural radiance. But problems like shortage of sleep, anxiety, maturity, and even what you consume can strip your complexion of its brightness.

The great news is that you can modify skin that looks dry and worn to luminescent and gleaming at home. 

With springtime sunshine comes an essential beauty inquiry: how to attain gleaming skin, the sort that’s bright enough to meet the beaming, dew-strewn days.

The solution lies in sustaining a system—a routine that includes a well-balanced mixture of protection and clarification supported by extra-emollient and shine. Lustrous skin comes essentially from a strong skin barrier managed by exercising sun protection. 

Should those key bases be embraced, a plethora of products that resurface, hydrate, glow, and refract will transform even the plainest of skin to a surface far more radiant.

Cleanse routinely (and thoroughly!)

Code to radiating skin: Cleaning your “canvas” by completely eliminating debris like dust, grease, and contamination particles that can plug pores and produce dullness.

Cleanse your face daytime and nighttime by caressing in a tiny dab of face lather gently with fingers in circular movements, going from the center of the face out for complete coverage.

Don’t forget to exfoliate!

One of the finest methods to brighten skin and encourage its luminosity both instantly and long-term is exfoliating. The method removes the skin’s outer covering of dead cells, so its exterior is softer and more apparent, and displays glow.

A fresh slate is critical to commence your beauty routine.

At nighttime, your skin renews—old cells deteriorate, new cells develop, and then you wake up, and you have dead skin cells—so you want to eliminate it so that everything absorbs better.

Purifiers, peels, and mini-peel masks operate to unveil the most pristine layer of complexion.

Your skin can never get enough hydration!

Though experts and consumers alike love exfoliating, the center should fall to hydration for a fresh skin shine. The most excellent way to obtain a radiance is by keeping your surface hyper-moisturized, according to specialists.

Because when all of your cells are regulated, your skin exhibits brightness differently. Specialists agree, adding that those with dehydrated skin should lean into moisturizing merchandise.

When skin is hydrated, it also exhibits light, making it immediately seem more lustrous. And be sure to protect your skin with broad-spectrum SPF 30+ facial sunscreen or day cream, as peeling your skin makes it more vulnerable to sun harm, including dark spots.

Don’t utilize moisturizer just once in a while or when skin seems dehydrated. Lack of moisture makes your complexion off and even emphasizes creases. Use topical moisturizing creams or lotions morning and evening to supply hydration.

The best variety to pick from? Our testing reveals that face lotions and emollients are usually more hydrating than oils, serums, and other solutions. 

They’re emulsions (combinations of oil and water elements) that provide hydrating components into the skin’s top layers, helping it retain moisture.

Chill out.


Applying chilly water or cold devices or products is a swift and straightforward way to immediately de-puff your face, as well as boost blood flow.

While you can spring for fancy rollers or a fridge solely for your skin-care goods, experts swear by something a tad more economical: ice cubes.

Prior to and after a flight, you can work ice cubes over your face until they melt – your pores cherish this skin shocker.

Your skin needs Vitamin C, too!

Ask any skin specialist, and they’ll prescribe a vitamin C serum for radiating skin.

Topical antioxidants like vitamin C help protect the epidermis from suffering from free radicals, most prominently from UV rays and contamination. Adding a touch of Vitamin C serum can aid your SPF in its guarding efforts while imbuing skin with a boost of illumination.

Use five dollops of vitamin C serum below SPF each morning to target free radical harm, support in eradicating dark spots, and even out your skin coloration.

Give your face a good rubdown.

A facial massage is excellent for more than just resting your facial tissues or muscles.

Every day, you can gently knead your face as you wash it — the movement boosts blood flow and supplies skin with a natural radiance.

Make several upward and downward motions on each of your cheeks to see an impact.

Finally, trust only the best.

Naturally gleaming skin is typically skin that is healthful and hydrated. People can work towards this by slowly implementing a skincare routine and creating modifications to their nutrition or lifestyle where required.

To get the best and most suitable beauty services and products for you, visit licensed specialists like Anu Aesthetics who offer best in class beauty and cosmetic treatments.

Anxiety Meds Online All About Identifying Anxiety Disorder

Most of the people feel anxious at certain moments, but a regular feeling of worry or fear that hinders your regular day-to-day activity is not the same thing. You might be suffering from an anxiety disorder. According to medical experts, anxiety can be defined as a medical condition that disrupts your regular routine by inducing a feeling of fear and anxiety in your mind. These worries are unrealistic in nature and often keep you from leading a normal life. It is important to be aware of the symptoms of different types of anxiety disorders before getting anxiety meds online.

Anxiety Meds Online: Understanding the symptoms of different anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorder: An anxiety disorder can be identified with the symptoms like lack of concentration, irritability, restlessness, muscle tension, and fatigue. In most of the cases, these symptoms will last for more than six months in case of general anxiety. It is important to get medical help and you can buy anxiety meds online.

An anxiety disorder can be identified with the symptoms like lack of concentration, irritability, restlessness, muscle tension, and fatigue. In most of the cases, these symptoms will last for more than six months in case of general anxiety. It is important to get medical help and you can buy anxiety online. Phobias: In some cases, patients suffering from anxiety disorders ended up with different types of phobias. It may include being afraid of circumstances or some specific objects. It can be a fear of height, insect, blood, and even the fear of facing new people. Under an extreme condition, it may even lead to a panic attack.

In some cases, patients suffering from anxiety disorders ended up with different types of phobias. It may include being afraid of circumstances or some specific objects. It can be a fear of height, insect, blood, and even the fear of facing new people. Under an extreme condition, it may even lead to a panic attack. Panic Attacks: These are quite close to anxiety disorders. It can be defined as an intense period of fear where the patient feels extremely terrified and afraid. Some of its primary symptoms include trembling, excessive sweating, and trouble in breathing, nausea, chest pains, and even palpitations.

These are quite close to anxiety disorders. It can be defined as an intense period of fear where the patient feels extremely terrified and afraid. Some of its primary symptoms include trembling, excessive sweating, and trouble in breathing, nausea, chest pains, and even palpitations. Stress: You might have heard of post-traumatic stress disorder that is a common cause of stress anxiety. Most of the people feel these conditions after facing terrible incidents like life and death experiences. It may include physical incidents like accident , fire, war and emotional happenings like physical or sexual abuse. Some of the common symptoms of this disorder include inability to sleep, difficulty in concentrating, depression, and a fear of public showings.

There are different types of anti-anxiety medications available in the market and these are available with valid prescriptions. Some of the most common medications include Ativan and Xanax. However, it is important to get medical consultation before you get anxiety meds online. These drugs are habit-forming and it is best to get proper medical supervision before using them.

Choosing The Best Anxiety Disorder Treatment You Can Buy Online

Going online to buy your anxiety disorder treatment has many advantages. The prices are lower, the service is better and the process is much more convenient. You no longer need to pay your doctor’s unnecessarily high consultation fees in order to obtain a valid prescription, and you don’t need to go from pharmacy to pharmacy hunting for the best prices. All this can now be done online. The downside to buying medication online is not having a doctor to help you make an informed decision. Undergoing an online consultation before you buy anxiety disorder treatment online will protect you from taking the wrong pills, but it won’t give you all the information you need to choose between the all the available medications. Whether you suffer from panic attacks, generalized or social anxiety disorder, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder, you can’t risk taking the wrong medication. Modern medicine offers two broad types of medication designed to treat these disorders. Keep reading to find out which anxiety disorder medication is right for you.


Antidepressants are often prescribed to treat anxiety disorders. If you suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder or social anxiety disorder then you may wish to try Prozac, Zoloft, Lexapro, Paxil or Celexa. These selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors have been successfully used to treat anxiety disorders for decades, but have only recently been made available online.

Start with the lowest possible dosage and slowly increase the amount you take over time. Try Sertraline if you’re looking for the cheapest option when choosing anxiety disorder medication. This generic variant of Zoloft normally costs less than 50% of the price of it’s brand name competitor but is still 100% effective. If you suffer from general anxiety disorder you should not take any of the above mentioned medications unless you have consulted with a doctor. Effexor or Wellbutrin are usually best suited to treat this disorder.

Anti-anxiety medication:

This range of medication was designed for speed as well as effectiveness. While the prices for these treatments are usually slightly higher, you can count on these pills for fast acting relief. Use Klonopin to treat social and general anxiety disorders. This medication is very effective and has very few side effects. Ativan is typically recommended as treatment for most panic disorders, while Xanax is most often prescribed to treat patients diagnosed with both panic disorder and general anxiety disorder. Beware of online pharmacies offering generic versions of these drugs. Anti-anxiety medications are still fairly new compared to antidepressants, and as such no genuine generics for these products can be manufactured as yet.

Other important information about buying anxiety disorder treatments online:

You will likely experience some side effects when you first start taking anxiety disorder medications Headaches, nausea, insomnia, impotence and lack of libido are not uncommon when taking SSRI and anti-anxiety medication. These side effects usually go away after the first two weeks and should not be cause for major concern. The biggest risk in buying anxiety disorder treatments online lies with websites selling fake or substandard products. Only ever buy from reputable online pharmacies to avoid putting your health at risk. Buy your anxiety disorder treatments from a trusted pharmacy and get the best prices.

Addiction And Drug Rehab

At iRecover Newfoundland, we believe that our environment is a key factor in our success as a drug rehab provider. Our addiction treatment center overlooking the Gros Morne National Park in Bonne Bay, Newfoundland, is the very picture of serenity, and our comfortable facility and warm, caring atmosphere is intended to provide the break a suffering addict needs from the stresses and triggers of everyday life. Additionally, we are remote enough to make access to drugs appropriately difficult, so that our clients can immerse themselves in recovery without the tantalizing prospect of convenient availability of the drugs they should be avoiding.Who Needs Drug Addiction Rehab?

The simple answer to the question “Who needs drug addiction rehab?” is this: If using drugs has caused damage in your life to the point where limiting your consumption or stopping altogether is clearly indicated, and if you can’t limit or stop altogether, then it’s time to seek help.

There are a few routes to addiction, but the result is always the same. It doesn’t matter if you started out a recreational user and escalated to substance abuse, or if you began with pain, anxiety, or sleep medication and developed a dependency. Either way, you may find yourself in a trap that’s baffling, frustrating, and impossible to escape.

Addiction has been identified as a brain disease. The introduction and continuous use of drugs alters the brain’s chemistry to the point where it demands more because its self-regulating system has been reset to require the new chemicals. It reprioritizes in favor of acquiring and consuming drugs, at the expense of previous, more constructive values. To the addict, this translates into the desire to get high becoming more important than the desire to participate responsibly in everyday life.

This rearrangement of priorities, to the point where using drugs is paramount, usually results in a cumulative series of negative consequences, which in turn are painful enough to require further self-medicating and the cycle continues spiraling downward.

How Can Drug Rehab Help?

iRecover Newfoundland’s drug rehab program seeks to break the cycle of addiction and replace it with a new paradigm for the individual. If you can’t use drugs in moderation and can’t abstain entirely, then it’s time to look at the problems of control, choice, and decision. If an honest look at your personal history indicates that — given sufficient incentive to stop — you can’t control your drug use, or make a meaningful decision to stop, than you’ve probably lost the power of choice in regard to drugs.

The power of this insight is crucial to forming a foundation in recovery. Prof. Dr. Jeremy Michael Matthews iRecover Newfoundland’s addiction treatment programs will help you to fully realize the meaning of addiction and its hopelessness (if you try to handle it on your own) and will build on that understanding to give you an entirely new way of experiencing life—one in which drugs are no longer enticing.

Besides drug rehab, iRecover Newfoundland offers alcohol rehab, based on the same recovery model. Our goal—and what we’re best at—is to help suffering addicts and alcoholics find freedom from all mind-altering substances so that they can return to their families and loved ones and to happy and productive lives.

High Street Acne Treatments

People are becoming more and more conscious of their physical appearance these days. The face is one of the most important physical features considered when making a first impression on someone. This is why people are concerned about their facial appearance and a lot of treatments, both medical and alternative have sprung up, claiming to be able to get rid of acne and other skin disorders effectively.

Here are some of the cheap yet effective acne treatment products that are currently on the market:

Homedics Tanda Zap Skin Acne Treatment Device

This product from HoMedics is a pocket-sized device that uses blue light technology (most commonly used by dermatologists), combined with sonic vibrations. It also emits mild warmth that can help in clearing out acne-ridden skin.

Homedics Tanda Clear Professional Skin Acne Clearing Treatment

The HoMedics Tanda Clear professional skin acne clearing treatment is a powerful device that has been clinically proven to clear skin in a short span of time. It is safe for all skin types and doesn’t irritate or cause redness of the skin. It also prevents future breakout from happening.

Boots Pharmaceuticals Witch Hazel Gel

The witch hazel gel from Boots Pharmaceuticals serves as a soothing gel for stubborn pimples and also helps get rid of excess oil. It also helps clear out spots and bumps caused by acne.

Lumie Clear Acne Treating Light

The Lumie Clear acne treating light is a hand held light therapy device combines the power of red and blue light therapy used by dermatologists in order to provide a safe way of getting rid of mild to moderate acne. It can soothe inflammation and get rid of the bacteria that get clogged in the pores.

Nelson’s Pure and Clear Anti-Blemish Balancing Moisturizer

This moisturizer from Nelson’s is light and oil-free and does not clog pores. It balances oil production in the face, helping control shine. It leaves skin smooth and hydrated. It only uses pure and natural ingredients.

no!no! Skin Acne Treatment System

This product from no!no! is a portable version of the acne phototherapy treatment that professionals use in their clinics. This is a quick solution to getting rid of particular pimples cause by mild to moderate acne. It is a painless and non-messy way of clearing out the skin with just the push of a button.

Nelson’s Pure and Clear Anti-Blemish Treatment Gel

This blemish gel from Nelson’s is a fast-acting treatment for impurities and dark spots on the skin. It has natural extracts from plants that have been proven to soothe and target the problem spots.

Nelson’s Pure and Clear Anti-Blemish Cleansing Wipes

These wipes help clear out impurities and get rid of redness on the face whilst on the go. They are a convenient way of refreshing the skin quickly.

Nelson’s Pure and Clear Anti-Blemish Facial Wash

This facial wash from Nelson’s has an effect of getting rid of blackheads and blemishes with its natural seaweed base. It clears out impurities on the skin and leaves it feeling rejuvenated and smooth.

Freederm Gel

Freederm gel is a topical gel that has nicotinamide, an inflammatory treatment for pimples and spots. It has a cooling effect and is also translucent and fragrance-free, making it safe for use.

Boots Alternative Acne Relief – 60 tablets

The acne relief tablets from Boots is proven to help get rid of mild to moderate acne and other minor skin conditions. It has Burdock and Blue Flag, which are known for alleviating skin disorders. Also contains Sarsaparilla for its antiseptic properties.

Quinoderm Cream

It is an ointment that is used for the treatment of acne. It contains benzoyl perozide that causes peeling of stubborn pimples and other impurities. It also contains hydroxyquinoline sulphate that kills off bacteria.

Buying Valium Online From The Uk

Have you ever had a look inside your spam folder and noticed the dozens of advertisements promoting unbelievable special offers on Valium from the UK? If you have taken a few moments to look at these advertisements you’ll probably notice that most of them offer Valium with no need for a prescription. As most of these ads often purport to be from pharmacies based in the UK it might be logical to assume that there is no need to obtain a prescription for Valium in the UK. This is simply not true. The first lesson in buying online is never to believe a word you read in your spam folder. This relatively strong anti-anxiety and nerve regulating medicine can only prescribed by doctors. In order to obtain a prescription for Valium from your doctor you will first have to convince them that you need the medication. Doctors will typically prescribe this medication to patients suffering from cold shivers, feelings of nervousness, hallucinations and anxiety. The increased availability of valium from online pharmacies based in the UK has been marked with increased levels of convenience and lower prices than ever before. Buying Valium online from the UK comes with the advantage of not having to see a medical doctor to obtain a prescription. Prescriptions for Valium in the UK can be obtained online. Before deciding whether Valium is the right medication for you, you need to understand both the effects of Valium as well as the conditions for which it is typically prescribed as treatment.

It can be difficult to track down the symptoms of anxiety disorders. Like most other illnesses, anxiety can only be positively identified when a variety of symptoms occur at once. Any combination of any of the symptoms below is indicative of an anxiety disorder. If you are currently experiencing two or more of these symptoms you may wish to consider treating your disorder with Valium.

  • Constant feelings of hysteria, fear and uneasiness
  • Frequent nightmares
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Drastic changes in behaviour and mood swings.
  • Difficulty breathing during heightened periods of stress.
  • Lack of muscle coordination
  • Dry mouth and difficulty swallowing

If these symptoms are accompanied by severe depression Valium might not be the best treatment. It is quite easy to kick-start a self medication regime by buying a few doses of Valium online from the UK without having to present a doctor prescription. Taking this route and using the sedative to cope up with overwhelming feelings of anxiety may be tempting, but can be dangerous. Patients who suffer from depression can exhibit suicidal tendencies after taking regular doses of Valium. If you believe you may be depressed it is advisable to visit a doctor before buying Valium online from the UK. Your doctor will be able to suggest suitable alternatives to Valium if this pill is not safe for you to use.

Valium has also given rise to popular generic brands. Diazepam is undoubtedly the most successful generic currently available online. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of Diazepam to gain a better understanding of this drug’s popularity.

  1. Eases and relaxes the muscles
  2. Induces sleep
  3. Helps in recovering from short term memory loss
  4. Used as a successful treatment for seizures
  5. Is much cheaper than Valium
  6. Can be purchased online without a prescription

Buying Valium online from the UK can save you a lot of money. Regardless of whether the Valium you buy comes from the UK, the US, or India, you have to be sure that it comes from a reputable pharmacy. Try the best source of Valium in the UK and decide for yourself whether you got more than you expected.

Handling The Psychological Symptoms Of Acne

An Advertising Feature

The web is full of acne information & advice, much of it great for constructing your skin’s recovery action plan. Natural, organic skincare, cutting down on cheese & getting the right medication can each contribute to your recovery, & you’re absolutely right to investigate every avenue with an open mind. However, while these approaches tackle the physical causes of acne, the relationship between your skin condition & your mental health often goes overlooked.

When recovering from or managing any physical ailment, mental wellbeing is just as crucial as meds & diet. In fact, it can make all the difference between sticking to your recovery plan & not getting started at all. What’s more, stress weakens your immune system, making it harder for your body to heal itself, & can push your hormones out of whack as well.

You can start by giving yourself a nod for seeking advice in the first place; recovery may seem far off but this research is arming you with the information you need to take responsibility for your own wellbeing. Once you make the decision to fully take care of yourself, you’ll feel much more in control, & you’ll be giving yourself every chance to recover. You don’t have to change everything completely, starting tomorrow, either – gradually introduce the changes & they’ll become part of your life without the feelings of guilt or rebellion that so often accompany dramatic switches to new regimes.

Meditation, or at least relaxation

I’m talking calm relaxation alone, rather than getting drunk with your mates. Socialising is excellent but it’s important to dedicate a regular half hour or so to relaxed breathing & grounding yourself. Actually make an appointment with yourself to do it; it’s so easy to say “ok I’ll try to do it Wednesday morning” but then deprioritise your own real needs when your mum calls, or ASOS has an online sale.

Your health should come before everything else, because you can’t enjoy – sometimes you have to abandon – important or fun activities when you’re sick or under stress. So stick to that appointment. Oh, & don’t try to improvise – you might end up worrying more about getting it right than actually relaxing. Use a guided relaxation MP3, make yourself comfortable & let the speaker do all the work.


As a girl who hated PE & only ever really enjoyed dancing as a form of exercise, it’s taken me a while to integrate exercise into my daily life without begrudging it the time. I finally found a fun dance workout DVD that lets me exercise in hilarious 10 minute bursts. It suits me really well & I’m now breaking a sweat for 20 minutes daily, instead of very rare attempts to complete 1 hour classes. Find whatever suits you & try to do a little very often. Increased circulation will get the nutrients, oxygen & antibodies flowing to your skin, while the endorphins will – they really do – alleviate stress & sadness.

By the way, if you are experiencing depression, whether or not it’s focused on your skin, please speak to your GP about it. It may take a deep breath & some bravery, but I promise that, if you work on it & let people help you, things will shift & eventually improve.

Alcohol Addiction Canada Healing Emotional Pain

According to a recent study, published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, around 11% of Canadians have an alcohol or drug problem, and this could be only the tip of an iceberg. Drug abuse has consistently increased in all Western countries since the 1960′s, with increasing reliance upon alcohol and drugs, both legally and illegally obtained as an antidote to stress.

Stress is simply unrelieved anxiety. The word stress is derived from the Latin “stringere” which means to “draw tight”, and it is certainly tension felt within the body as a result of stress that people seek to relieve when resorting to substance abuse. The evidence is now overwhelming that prolonged mental and emotional stress is damaging to the body, resulting in physical changes, detrimental to its proper functioning and internal equilibrium.

Regular substance abuse, whilst providing temporary relief from stress, inevitably ends up exacerbating the very symptoms that the user is trying to alleviate. The response of the user is often to use more.

Substance abuse, dependence and addiction, is said by the medical profession to have unknown causes, which continues to impede progress with effective alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Every addict says that he uses alcohol or drugs to make himself “feel better”, both emotionally and physically. Medical treatments look at the symptoms, and use a chemical basis for relief.

Holistically orientated alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers instead enquire of the addict as to what his emotional issues might be, addressing the person, and not just his symptoms. Symptoms can be feelings of anxiety, depression, or anger. When it is more closely analyzed, anger will turn out to be based upon anxiety or depression, and related feelings of self esteem.

Alcohol and drug addiction are each attempts to achieve a satisfying relationship, in which a substance is used over which the user has complete power and control. Addicts usually have problems with relationship issues such that they feel less anxious or depressed in a relationship where they can remain in control and have their needs met on demand. For some, drug use is a regression to the dependency and comfort of infancy, for others, the rush of the substance in their system may be the only joy they have ever known.

Seeing only the symptoms of emotional pain, expressed as anxiety or its flip side, depression, doctors rush to provide sedatives or anti-depressants. These can cure the symptoms of emotional pain. A person can feel better and so think that they don’t have a problem anymore. If there is an attempt to taper off the medication, all the former symptoms of depression and or anxiety will simply come back again. Psychological and sometimes physical addiction to the medication is the result. While drugs of any sort are remaining in the system, there can be no full recovery.

Holistic methods of alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Canada, not only provide drug free and supported natural detox, but provide the recovering addict with an understanding of his issues. When a person gets to the roots of reasons for anger, and feels the emotions that by his anger he seeks to suppress, then there is a real basis for a cure. People who undertake rehabilitation work who lack the resources, time or experience to help people to deal fully with the emotional issues relating to their addiction are like tour- guides who take you half way up the mountain, and then leave you find your own way home.

Alcohol Drinking Pregnancy Cares

Debate continues as to what, if any, is safe alcohol drinking during pregnancy. The World Health Organization (WHO) policy, supported by many nations, urges upon people a recommendation that there be no alcohol drinking during pregnancy. WHO regards alcohol as being a drug, from which people are entitled to freedom and protection, and for those adversely affected, WHO supports the right to treatment and care. WHO is about protecting freedom in the field of human rights and health.

In Canada, there is a national alcohol policy which provides a forum APOLNET, in which Canadian alcohol policy issues can be debated. Canada has in place an alcohol-related harms and control policy. Alcohol drinking and pregnancy remains the choice of the individual.

Although the sale and promotion of alcohol is limited by law, alcohol drinking in itself is no crime. There has to be a social element, such as driving a vehicle, being in a public place, or under age before society imposes sanctions on a person in relation to excessive alcohol drinking.

In pregnancy, the child is a separate individual, yet very much attached to and dependent upon it’s mother. A mother has a duty of care towards her unborn child. Despite much international research prior to the WHO recommendation that supports no alcohol drinking during pregnancy, there continues to be public debate about the “issue” of alcohol drinking and pregnancy.

Current debate is fuelled by some “latest research” which loosely claims that light to moderate alcohol drinking and pregnancy is OK – and that women should not feel guilty about drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and FAE (Fetal Alcohol Effects) are a result of alcohol drinking and pregnancy, the severity of symptoms being largely dependent upon the frequency and volume of alcohol intake during pregnancy, and during which particular trimester. As with many drug effects, alcohol drinking in pregnancy causes a “spectrum” of symptoms indicative of the damage done to the developing fetus, some more, some less severe.

Alcohol crosses the placental barrier. The fetus has no protection. Fetal tissue alcohol levels can for many reasons exceed the blood alcohol levels of the mother and remain for a longer time. Regular “light” alcohol drinking by a pregnant woman might mean for the fetus continuous exposure to alcohol effects at a toxic level.

There is no current research to support a level of alcohol drinking during pregnancy that is guaranteed to be safe for the fetus. Indeed, this cannot be done – there are so many variables involved.

The issue of alcohol drinking and pregnancy from a holistic point of view needs to address at first instance why a pregnant woman should feel a need to drink alcohol at all. There are many other and better ways for people to relax, alcohol drinking is not mandatory.

Alcohol drinking is a risk to the baby. Pregnant women might find it more helpful to seek holistic counseling for their alcohol drinking when pregnant, rather than try to find out how much alcohol drinking they can get away with. Many women have delivered apparently healthy babies after alcohol drinking and pregnancy. There are many who have not. Mothers who bear the burden of a child deformed and disabled as a direct result of their alcohol drinking – at a safe level for the mother, perhaps, but toxic to the child.

All drugs are contra indicated during pregnancy – alcohol drinking and pregnancy is no exception – if you think you have a problem with alcohol drinking – holistic counseling can help.

A Mind of Our Own.

To develop fully a mind of our own – to be free thinking, autonomous and independent is not something that simply happens. From birth we are surrounded by family, friends and community contacts, in the context of the law and prevailing social values. Every child undergoes a process of “molding” – developing a personality and style to fit in with its circumstances. Very little of early childhood development consists of our own expression – early childhood is a time for listening, learning and repetition of what we find to be the most rewarding behaviors.

Social and family expectations come into play from the moment it is announced that we are a boy or a girl. Sexual definition and gendering is the basic stereotype. Knowing the sex of our baby determines the colors that we will paint the nursery wall – and many other biases, traditions, expectations pre determine to a large extent our future road in life and expectations of us.

If we have too good mothering we feel as though we have control – everything we need comes to us – life is at our beck and call. If early needs are not met, then we become enraged – crying and screaming to get whatever it is that we need, or we become depressive. Inconsistent mothering makes life very hard to predict and confusing. So that we do not become locked into early behavioral patterns for the rest of our lives – we need to develop a mind of our own.

During the early weeks of infancy a child learns basic expectations and gets an emotional “feel” for the world. Stress in the early environment limits our potential to develop a mind of our own. Stress creates very “me” centered responses. Instead of an atmosphere that is relaxed, trusting and playful – interactions are tinged with anxiety. Every interaction brings with it feelings of insecurity which have to be resolved.

Natural and human interactions in which stress is involved will always be resolved in favor of the more dominant force. The more stressful the circumstances, the more compulsively needs are resolved, limiting negotiation and the possibility of better outcomes. Needless to say – outcomes based upon the blind exertion of relative power are not always the best in terms of human health and happiness.

Stressful situations whether acute or chronic are essentially those in which we feel limited in our options, with no acceptable outcome available. We become tense when we feel trapped, unable to resolve a difficult situation. When we use defenses it takes away the pain, but achieves no positive resolution, and limits our ways of thinking.

What takes stress out of relationships best is the intervention of something “other”, something with the force and strength to open up the possibility of new solutions. Having a mind of our own implies that we have a reality of choice between doing what we do and other alternatives.

The need for an intervener to break up tense, deadlocked situations can be seen with our appointment of referees, arbitrators, judges and mediators. We intervene into our own internal stress when we distract ourselves from the problem in hand and decide to do something else.

In the context of drug addiction, which is a compulsive resolution of stress, the addict needs intervention between him and the drug of addiction, to provide a distraction from his obsession with the drug. This enables the possibility of change and a better way of life. Freedom from addiction means having a mind of our own.